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June 5, 2012
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Exhaustion by Kumkrum Exhaustion by Kumkrum
There's going to be a little ranting here.

I'm really starting to hate all the hate and ridiculing of Celestia.
Saying that she banishes others to the moon just for lulz, that she's useless and was so weak that even Chrysalis defeated her...I get sick of it.

For instance: The moon-joke CAN be fun. I've seen fun stuff with it. But when I see something like: "Celestia is such a soulless bitch! Just because of a little bit of night she banished Luna?!", all I can do is facepalm.
1: It wasn't Luna, it was Nightmare Moon.
2: She did it "reluctantly", as the opening even says!
3: If there was eternal night, the plants would die and then all the ponies would starve! Since Celestia cares about the ponies, why should she let this happen?

Also, about the Chrysalis-thing: Obviously some people don't get the (in my eyes really beautiful) metaphor for Shining Armour's love. The point wasn't that Celestia was so weak that even Chrysalis defeated her, it was the fact that Shining Armour's love to Cadence was so strong and intense that it even overcomes Celestia's powers, which is impressive as Celestia is one of the strongest beings. Is this really so hard to understand (especially considering that this was explained literally seconds after the fight)? I thought it was a really well-done metaphor.

I personally also don't like Trollestia and Molestia. I found Trollestia a bit funny first, but then people started to take it bloody seriously and now call her that ALL THE TIME and just searched for ANYTHING in the episodes that could be called "trolling". (I never even saw the incidents of her "trolling" in the show (e.g. the tea-scene) as "trolling", but rather as teasing. I mean, she didn't want to upset the Cakes or anything, she just wanted to lighten up the mood with a little joke.) Molestia I never liked. I never found it funny. But that's just me.

I'd recommend reading the text to Celestia on this club [link] it explains and explores the whole thing even further.

[Edit:] Oh my fucking god. When I even read stuff like "What if Discord was the good guy and then tyrann Celestia came and overthrew him because, as we know, she's a harsh bitch", then I can't even find words.

tl;dr: A picture of Celestia because I like her and she needs more love.

The clouds are by =Grendo11 [link] [link]
The Cutie Mark ist by *BlackGryph0n [link]
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